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Poster session

Every student registered at the School program is invited to take part in our poster sessions, presenting original results or, in case of students that are still in the beginning of the research work, presenting the subject and research questions.

Aiming to give the posters a high place at LAWCI, the presentation of the posters will be organized as follows.

Every day, after each of the sections, three to five students will give a three-minute-long oral presentation of their work. The posters of all the students which make the presentations on a given day will be displayed all day long at the school venue. In the afternoon, there will be the daily poster session, where the authors of the posters will stand next to them to discuss the content with those interested.

For the oral session, you will need to make a very short slide presentation (we recommend no more than 4 slides). For the poster session you can either bring your printed poster or print it in the campus (if your presentation occurs not before Monday afternoon).

The time to register poster (deadline: 13 July, 2018) is over.

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